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The whole evolutionary psychological edifice ultimately rests on speculations about humans millions of years ago, but we can never know what actually went on then. I am tempted to make my fortune with a board game called Evolution, in which you have to guess the original purpose of psychological traits.

For instance: "Nuclear weapons capable of destroying all life increase the likelihood of us reproducing our selfish genes because one million years ago: (a) Cavemen advantaged their gene pools by destroying all rival hunter-gathering groups; (b) Cavemen enjoyed killing other men because then there was no chance of them impregnating their women; (c) Cavewomen encouraged their men to kill because it turned them on, making them more fertile and ensuring that the male winners were the mates with the best genes." I can't decide whether to ask Dawkins, Buss or Ridley to supply the "right" answers and share in the profits of this ludicrous game.

It is a rejection of the post-war consensus that the poor and women have the same potentialities as the rich and men. He was most in vogue when the gap between the richest and poorest was three times greater than today. The wealth of the wealthy has massively increased since the introduction of Selfish Capitalism (Thatch/Blatcherism) in the late 1970s.

It's a mind-boggling irony that Ridley was, until recently, also chairman of Northern Rock, which the taxpayer is to bail out following its disastrously ill-regulated dealings.

Nature should take its course, strengthening society.

This is a deeply pessimistic political philosophy, allowing no room for a benign state enabling the disadvantaged to improve their well-being.

The rich are rich and law-abiding, and the poor are poor and criminal, because of their genes, says the US sociologist Charles Murray; those at the bottom of the gene pool have sunk because of their defective DNA, a view more widely believed than admitted.

Nouveau Labourites say they support equality of opportunity for all.

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  1. "After resting for five months, Jessica admits she is a little confused about the new series and needs to step back a little because in the last show, she and Leila played sisters, but this time, they will be fighting over the same man.

  2. Time gives you the opportunity to see how your partner handles different situations that life throws at you: the hard stressful times, the joyous and rewarding times, and the humdrum of everyday. Know that your partner will disappoint and frustrate you at times.