Who is khloe kardashian is dating

That footage allegedly depicts Thompson getting up close and very personal with an an unnamed woman.

This woman has long, straight, brown hair and bright red nails... At one point, she leans in and appears to kiss Tristan.

They had the weekend off prior to taking on the Knicks in New York on Monday.But Stephanie shared them soon after this explosive story went viral across the Internet. The 33-year old recently wrote that she's just sitting at home these days, bored AF while she waits to give birth.And making Thompson's actions even more despicable, if these allegations are true? She has been in Cleveland now for weeks because she plans on welcoming her daughter in Thompson's hometown.And the latest example seemingly took place just a few days ago.First, however, TMZ has posted footage that depicts Thompson very clearly hooking up with two women back in October.

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As far as we know, this was the first time Thompson cheated on Khloe.

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