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If you are not the release noter, to ensure things are release noted it is generally easier to comment on the release notes bug for this development version (search for "release notes") than create actual patches.

Please attempt to follow the existing style of the release notes.

represents the directory in which Bugzilla is installed.If you have done no local changes at all, however, then upgrading should be approximately the same amount of work regardless of how long it has been since your version was released.If you have made customizations, you should do the upgrade on a test system with the same configuration and make sure all your customizations still work.In particular, this means: Stable point releases are generally done on branches, and hence their release notes can fork from those on the trunk.However, administrators often jump from stable point releases up to the next stable major release, so you need the trunk to indicate what has changed since the point releases.

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updating bugzilla-15

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