Quest resource updating agent service

All Exchange 2013 servers had been deployed to root domain which also kept all important system and admin accounts.

To limit complexity in the setup of Quest Migration Manager 8.10, we decided to use a single administrative account from target Forest’s root domain and granted all necessary permissions in the domains to run both, Active Directory and Exchange migration.

We used Quest Migration Manager 8.10 recently in a project at a customer for a combined Active Directory and Exchange migration.

Overall target was to integrate a Windows 2003 domain cross forest and cross org into the central AD Forest with several child domains.

During this process, the user account in the target domain will be activated and the Linked Mailbox is converted to a User Mailbox.

This action will clear the attribute user is now added to the mailbox folder permissions, the target SID will be added and no longer the source SID.

Resolution: The issue was due to the Remote Registry service.

Dell migration Manager for Active Directory contains the Exchange Processing Wizard.

This wizard is able to replace existing source SIDs with the matching target SIDs for permissions inside the exchange environment.

Let’s use the mailbox example above and add the migrated user User B as additional delegate for the Calendar of the Info MBX: In this example, User B will of course not have any problems accessing the Info MBX.

But what happens if User A will be migrated and the user starts accessing the Info MBX with TARGETDOMAIN\User A?

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"The network path was not found" I was able to install the Quest Migration Manager (QMM) agent without any issues.

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