Nummyz dating sim academy

Speaking of lost loves, Allity the fox girl long ago lost a loved one on a venture for a rare herb.

After his death, this master chef used food to fill the empty void in her heart.

Every full moon, the magic of the land grants a wish to someone who has found true love.

You gotta buy flour, a paintbrush, ten pieces of fruit, and a dress for the date.

Then, get your butt over to the school, make your gifts, and get back to that date (btw, you’ll need even more shells to bake the cake and paint the picture.) If you made all the correct moves, you’ll get a kiss and the game is over.

Just wanted to get that out there, because it otherwise looks like pandering.

Now, without further ado, let’s talk about animal-people.

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The next one is in fifty days so, if you wish to remain in this beautiful/frilly land of sunshine and bunny-ears, then you need to get a partner and get them to fall for you in fifty days time. You have a nice little hub world to explore, with four different datable darlings, a school, a shop, and your hotel (home base).

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