Microsoft money 2016 not updating

While Quicken 2016 isn't exactly going to win over converts, it's what happens with the software next that matters.

The product continues to fill a gap for investors and anyone interested in managing their own money to a great level of control - without hiring human help.

For investors and savers looking for control over their finances that gives them the tools to be their own financial advisor - or at least educate themselves - Quicken even after years of neglect remains an unrivaled tool.

Quicken still has the edge on its rivals in terms of:* Privacy and security.

The software's maker, Intuit, has decided it's a battle it would rather not fight.

Quicken is still important - and could be even more important depending on what's next. Most Quicken users, typically people who monitor their money and investments like hawks - will likely get around to upgrading eventually.

But if you haven't tried Quicken before - there's nothing in the 2016 version to convince you to start now.

Quicken 2016's interface still looks like something that would have been popular when the Boy Bands were a thing.

Other popular desktop software like Adobe's Photoshop and Microsoft's Word have since been refreshed to make the many features more readily available. The design of - and it's ability to proactively offer insights about money - has been one key of its success.

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Many online tools are built for people just trying to simplistically track their money. Eric Dunn, senior vice president of Intuit and former CFO of Intuit, who has recently taken the helm of Quicken seems to understand the issues.

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