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Even though perps in both camps may rationalize their behavior as being acceptable, necessary or even virtuous, I don't think Saint Peter would be impressed.The good news is that if any or all of these comparisons reflect the intent of the poll, it's easy for me to respond as in each case I'm on Team Artists and collectors… Arcas: I know you're posting those blindfold-free renders to prove Ralphus wrong, and that's just fine with me.Mad Bob: You already know how much I like your image of the pneumatic Gallant Girl in peril of losing one of her, um… Like the little guy, I prefer to see the victim's eyes, so props for those last two pictures. I'm buying that set and counting down the days one dame at a time.

Fortunately I can speak just enough Spanish to enjoy her begging. The camera is very sinister; it could be for my captor's private use, or I'm part of a snuff film, or it's a live feed as part of a set up where people can bid online to watch abducted women being tortured, or it's some kind of revenge set up and someone I've gotten on the wrong side of has hired a professional to make me suffer and then have the film of it sent to them.

First off, Blanca clearly has a body to die for, but the director goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure we don't see much of it.

Obviously, the woman's interrogators would rip off her clothing to remove the cash strapped to her body (did Martin “I-never-film-rapes” Scorsese watch this?

Fully exclusive pics and videos are meant to please your imagination and show the beauty of a female vagina.

I've been banging on the door for over four years and I'm still out here freezing off my butt. Of course, at the time I didn't recognize any of the films from which the images were taken, but I'm surprised that after four decades of avidly following GIMP cinema, I still can't identify the examples posted here. Aside from the unknown frames in the SIM book, does anyone else have GIMP-oriented movie stills from films they can't identify?

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Given the number of GIMP experts who visit this site, it's not surprising to find that even the most obscure peril films, photos, art and literature usually can be identified by someone or other.

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