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When he was 11, he fell out of a tree and fell into a 3-day coma. At 20 he earned a girlfriend, One year later, Murdoc was doing donuts in a car-park, and 2D smashed out of the windshield in a crash.

He fractured his other eye, causing "8-Ball" hyphema (only ever noticed in animals until now) in both eyes.

After the El Mañana conspiracy, 2D and Russel were frantic about Noodle's supposed death.

It was a hoax, however, and the band has once again gone separate ways but not for long (so promised Murdoc in the autobiography Rise of the Ogre; their biggest project to date is apparently being planned) and the singer was, according to Murdoc, "...poncing off somewhere.

When 2D awoke after what seemed to be him sliding on the cement for about a mile, he turned to look at Murdoc. "A fractured eyed blue haired god", Murdoc recalls.

Murdoc nicknamed Stuart 2D, which stands for the "Two Dents" in his head.

Portugal, Gorillaz moved to Los Angeles to write a film and tension began to grow between the band members.

After suggesting many crazy ideas for the film, Murdoc snapped and attacked 2D, almost getting himself choked.

In some pictures, he seems to have tattoos on his arms; a '23' on his left arm, and ' K. He suffers from migraines and because of the fact that he fell out of a tree when he was younger.

In 1998, 2D and Murdoc moved into Kong Studios and assembled Russel Hobbsto join them.

His girlfriend was originally the group's first guitar player but was shortly fired after Russel caught her and Murdoc in the studio toilets having Sex. After she was replaced by Noodle and band was named Gorillaz, 2D began dating Rachel Stevens, former member of S-Club 7 and invited her to the band's first gig at the Camden Brownhouse.

He Spent a couple of nights at Britt Ekland's flat but he left because of her habit of running around naked and banging on the walls and never getting any sleep. A to work on his father's funfair in Eastbourne.

He used to collect money for a ride called ' The Switchback Ride', and there he met Shane Lynch, former member of Boyzone, and they became good friends.

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