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The state's policy-makers have sought to resolve this tension by instituting an Internet filtering system based upon the Smart Filter commercial blocking service.

Freedom of speech under the law is limited, by way of censorship of printed matter and motion pictures which includes different prohibited matters such as publishing any insult to Islam, the government or higher interest of the state...According to one survey, more than half of UAE's citizens agree that Internet censorship is an effective measure to protect family members from objectionable content.The UAE uses the Smart Filter filtering software to block nearly all pornography, gambling, religious conversion, and illegal drugs sites tested.ONI also tests these lists from control locations in non-filtered countries.The testing system flags all URLs and domains that are accessible from the control location, but inaccessible from ones inside the target state, as potentially blocked.

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The UAE has successfully prosecuted people who attempted to bypass Etisalat's exclusive telecommunications access.

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