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But then there are plenty of lovely Mongolians who have no such attitude to foreigners. I'm mixed White/Korean, but I look pretty much western.

Of course there are much worse stories than this minor inconvenience.

On our first date I met his family and he met mine.

It ended in a pugnacious way when he accidentally tripped my 3-year-old host brother and my brother flipped him off (one of my favorite moments in Mongolia thus far).

They are especially provoked by foreigner interaction with Mongolian women. Most Mongolians are hospital and friendly, the drunk assholes just ruin it for everyone.

They are mostly found in the capital, especially in the cheaper bars and night clubs."https://uk/foreign-travel-advice/mongolia Are there any expats on this subreddit who have experience of this? Or perhaps there are some Mongolian men who would like to give their opinion? I would say it's a widespread attitude but that how intense it is varies.

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The weeks are flying by, it’s already been 3 weeks I’ve been in Mongolia, but with such a good group of volunteers and host family, it’s easy to feel like I have a second family here.

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