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3 – The Philippine court may or may recognize the decisions of foreign courts.

Re: presumptive death proceedings i was married to a japanese man july 2006,he went back to Japan after we got married and since then i have’nt heard anything from him..

He filed for divorce in the US and I already have a copy of the divorce and a letter from their church in Hawaii saying that our marriage is already void and null and I’m free to remarry again but I’m sure that is not valid here in the Philippine.

What do I need to do and how much it will cost me for this procedure and how long it will take?

and my husband is abroad since last 3 years and her family is always threatening me and he too is always threatening me that i will do this and that to u. i have filled the form for cancellation of marriage last year but he is not agreeing to sign it.

MY HUSBAND HAS OUR DAUGHTER AND SAYS HE WILL NOT AGREE TO AN ANULLMENT. A foreigner who marries a Filipino may apply for a 13A visa to avail of permanent residency. I got married last 1996 and same year I went to work to Saudi Arabia.

WHAT SHOULD I DO TO COMPLETE THIS ANULLMENT AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COSTS……. I am a Filipina and planning to get married to a p Akistani National. Can he stay in philippines for long time when our marriage get done? In year 2001, my wife’s sister and mother called me that my wife had a relationship with another man. He filed divorce and I had my passport annotated from married to single.

Can i file presumtive death for purposes of re marriage? I just want to know how long it would take to file for a Petition for the Recognition of a Foreign Judgment of Divorce at the Regional Trial Court and how much would it be? hi, we both r Filipino married since seven years back.

How long is the procedure and how much will it cost.. but i did this marriage for the happiness of my father.

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Hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience. Angel hello, were looking for a lawyer who can represent us to do a separation agreement or amicable agreement.

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