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Referring to himself as James Colby Baylor, he then asks her out, recognizing her name as one of the people involved in investigating his murders.

After a date at a restaurant, when they are walking together towards Garcia's home, they start talking about coincidences and how lucky it was that his computer glitched when she was around.

Meanwhile, at the BAU headquarters, JJ is heading to her office as Agent Adam Fuchs is escorting a uniformed Battle into the bullpen area, Battle having approached him to discuss FBI interference with his cases.

Fuchs introduces him to Kevin Lynch, who is brought in to fill in for the wounded Garcia.

Now, back in the Season 4 review, I didn't even bring up Walt's new deputy. It would have revealed that there was a spot open and I didn't want to risk breaking the Branch news.

For our spoiler-free review of the season, click here.

Okay, so here I can bring up all the juicy details left out of the official Longmire: Season 4 review, which I tried to keep mostly spoiler-free.

Which means I can type freely about how Branch was killed off.

An interesting addition to the cast, though his firing at the end of the season was a surprise. We're unsure, though the barrage of faces and images there at the end felt cheesy.

I hope there's more in store for him since all he really did, by the end, was unintentionally uncover the wrongful death lawsuit against Walt. Well, it left the door open for more seasons most definitely. Longmire: Season 4 Review Also, Mathias seems to have caught his "Hector," though how long do we think Henry will stay locked up considering his new deal with Nighthorse? I don't think we're in for another "Henry behind bars" story here. The season finale was also the moment Vic chose to confront Walt about the fact that the two of them clearly have, or had, some sort of sexual tension.

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The season did a good job of transforming Nighthorse from the show's main villain to "guy who is only kinda/sorta deplorable." It turned out, he really did want good things for his community.

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